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Offering the best advice and recipes for individuals who care about their diet. I am here to provide authenticity.

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I provide the best fashion advice for the chic and environmentally friendly consumer.

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I present the latest blogs as it relates the latest news and trends in America and worldwide.

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Healthy Americans

153,000 Americans Studied In 50 States


American Vegetarians

A 2012 Gallup poll found 5% of Americans identify as vegetarian


Meat Eaters

Most Americans eat beef, chicken, pork, fish and other meats


Overweight Americans

NIH studies have found that 70% of Americans are overweight

Company History

I have been an active vegetarian and environmentalist who formed Katavalon.com to promote ethical values and progressive attitudes for our society, which is my primary objective.

Vegan Values

As a vegan I have enhanced the value of my life and health. I am dedicated to sharing my life experience and progress from a meat eating to a dedicated vegan.

Contact Our Company

I am available for my readers to contact me and make recommendations. I believe in honesty and transparency. If you have any questions, comments or recommendations drop me a line.

Fashion Trends

As a fashionista, I enjoy sharing new trends in fashion and accessory items that are found all over the globe. I am also a huge advocate of ethical, vegan clothing to make this world a better place.

Advanced Technology

As a millennial, I am very much an active participant in the latest technological trends. I am also an advocate of environmental friendly technology. We should always remember to take care of earth.

Dedicated Support

If you have any technical difficulties with the site please contact me immediately. I want all of my readers to have a wonderful experience on Katavalon.com.

Compassionate Community

I promote many values when it comes to animals, the environment and how human beings treat each other. Throughout my blogs you will notice a trend of humanitarianism and compassion.

Home Design

As someone who lives in the 21st century, I love decorating homes and filling it with beautfiul furniture that is visually appealing and fully functional. My décor blogs will explore the latest trends in home design.


There is nothing more important than our health. My health blogs will promote the latest advancements in alternative medicine and human health. I am committed to advancing society when it comes to health.

A wonderful opportunity awaits you everyday of your life just like sweet mornings.

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Support vegan products, which includes clothes, shoes, accessories, food, beauty products and more.  All products that I recommend are either cruelty-free, vegan or certified organic.

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    The latest information for holistic health and wealth topics